The 100% free Dating and Relationship Site for Singles with Depression,Anxiety disorder, Burnout-Syndrom or just Tolerance

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About Nostressdate

Nostressdate is a Dating and Relationship Plattform for Singles or People with Depression,Anxiety disorder Burnout Syndrom other mental problems , or just people with tolerance for these topics

To us its very important to say that Nostressdate is and will be absolutely free, furthermore we want to admit that its not neccessary wether your are looking for a relationship or just want to chat with people who are in same situations, there are no restrictations and we welcome everybody who is attracted by it. We also have no Fake Accounts, that means that it could be that especially after Release date there will be not that much members. Well everyone starts somewhere and to us honesty is more important than statistics. If you see Commercial than thats just an Oppertunity to pay our Server Costs. NoStressdate is a Heart Project and you will never see that we go commercial or something like that. Everyone is welcome to join us and have a good time :) Please use this Link for the german Version

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